The best laid plans

Update – Well, I DID in fact get off my duff and help prepare for yesterday’s road trip.  Beta Dad, like a champ, awoke to find himself in the midst of a preparatory whirlwind, and gamely stepped in to help.  Between the two of us, we laundered, packed, cleaned, and prepped.  We were a dynamic duo of organization.

And then our trip got cancelled.

Our friends called about mid-day to let us know that a stomach bug had set up camp at their house, and as much as we love them, we don’t love them enough to share their germs.  Beta Boy and Beta Girl were heartbroken, and Beta Dad and I were mighty disappointed as well.  We will reschedule and go another time.

However, that did leave us with an entire pitcher of Sangria and a whole night to ourselves.  🙂

Oh yeah.

I think you know what I mean.

And what I mean is we got tipsy, watched tv and fell asleep at 9:30.


6 responses to “The best laid plans

  1. Welcome back, baby girl! You are one funny person! XOXO

  2. That’s just what I thought you meant. What did you THINK I thought you meant?

  3. Ya, what a rockin’ night!

  4. Okay, TWO TEASPOONS of ginger juice? I don’t even know how I would extract it, sucking it out, maybe? Do tell, Martha.

  5. Saw your comment over at ‘Denguy’ – Yeah! Someone else who knows what a “packie” is!

  6. Anna – It’s pretty funny, actually. Turns out, FRESH ginger is SUPPOSED to be juicy. Ginger that I bought two weeks ago and living in my fridge? About as juicy as a shoelace. I pressed it in my garlic press, which seemed to work pretty well.
    It was, I must say, completely worth it.

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