The few, the proud, the mommies.

One thing I have truly come to appreciate in my life with the children is the friendship of other mommies. There’s a quality about these friendships that makes them unique.  Even the nature of my relationships with friends I knew before we had children has evolved into something deeper.  

Some might argue that we’re all connected by an earth-mother-goddess-thread that forms from motherhood. The profound satisfaction of having brought children into this world, one way or another, has created a spiritual sisterhood.   

Hmmmm….perhaps. In truth, however, I think it’s something closer to the bonds that form between soldiers in wartime.  

“Alright mommies – here’s how it stands.  We got stinky diapers to the north, a tantrum coming in over the southern ridge and a 10-year-old who wants a bra holding strong on the eastern front.  I’m not sure we’re gonna get outta this one.   Let me just say this: it has been an honor serving with you all.”

Just when I think I’m going to lose my mind, mommies are there to reel me back in.  When I think my family is off the chart, mommies are there to remind me that the charts don’t matter and there is no normal.  When I feel misunderstood, they translate.  These are the women I laugh with until I pee, which is not so hard to do since none of us have the bladder control we had before children.  These are the women who I can talk with about most anything, from the serious to the silly.  From “What does Fifth’s Disease look like?” to “Ooohhh – how many speeds does THAT one come in?” no topic is off limits.  

If one of us becomes a prisoner of war, trapped in a cell block of littered toys, jelly smudges and math worksheets, we can rest easy know that someone will be there to rescue us.

And onward we charge together.


6 responses to “The few, the proud, the mommies.

  1. does it count as a “sisterhood” if you, in a way, inherited? maybe that is not the right term, but i have been in the “mom” capacity for almost a year now…does that count?? is there any initiation thing i have to go through?

  2. absolutely fritz – I think you earn a special medal of honor for bravery in the face of step-parenting! You didn’t even have a chance to get a running start – you just parachuted down into the middle of it!

  3. I know what you mean (even though I’m not a woman). Okay, I understand what you mean–or, maybe, I have an idea of understanding the meaning of your post.

  4. You absolutely said it, Beta Mom! And I loved this part:

    “These are the women I laugh with until I pee, which is not so hard to do since none of us have the bladder control we had before children.”

    Aw, man. That’s about the only time I wish I WAS a man.

  5. And thank heaven for those friendships! Today, I have come to appreciate funny moms online… you’re one of the first!
    Come check out my blog sometime. I’m adding you to the blogroll.

  6. Almost all of my “Girlfriends” friendships are with bloggers around the country, so while I don’t know if anyone ELSE laughs until they pee, I can promise you that at least ONE of us in the room has done so.

    As I remember, I had you to blame more than once. : )

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