You might be a Beta Mom if…

You know the full name, biographical history and astrological sign of every character on Desperate Housewives, but you can’t remember your child’s teacher’s first name.


7 responses to “You might be a Beta Mom if…

  1. Hahahaaa! I do have days where I can’t remember my own name, almost. Does that count? (We homeschool.) In my defense I don’t know the bio information of the moms on Desperate Housewives either.

  2. HEHEEHE…how about calling your kids names, the wrong names? Sometimes i cannot even get one right!! I know what you mean!!

  3. My mother used to call me the dogs name. No wonder I needed therapy.

    sad thing is, now that I am a mom, I call everyone by the wrong name as well. Or just plumb forget.

  4. My kids’ teachers don’t have first names. And I don’t know any Desperate Housewives either.

  5. So I’m a scorpio….which DH is my best match?

  6. Does my child have a teacher?!

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I can remember what happened to each of the wives in the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County better than what activities I or my kids have coming up. I fear I, too, am a beta mom.

    (Eh, wanna grab a drink together?…)

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